Ice Fishing

On the Adirondack Coast, we don't just deal with winter, we embrace it wholeheartedly! In winter is when you'll find some of the region's best fishing as Lake Champlain turns into a community unto itself. Even though much fun is to be had, it’s incredibly important to be prepared and educated before heading out for a long day on the ice in the elements.

Basics from the DEC.

Getting Started

There are many ice fishing opportunities in New York State, most notably on the expanse of Lake Champlain covered in ice.

Fishing through ice on Lake Champlain requires certain skills and knowledge. But anyone can ice fish successfully if they do their homework. Learning about the water where you’ll be fishing, the equipment to use, proper clothing and safety precautions are all part of an enjoyable winter fishing experience!

Perhaps the best way to get started is to accompany a friend on a half-day ice fishing outing. If you are unable to accompany someone, the best alternative is to visit a tackle shop along Lake Champlain. The shops want to see you have a successful and fun trip. They will provide you with all of the necessary equipment and information.

It’s also a good idea to watch for announcements of local ice fishing contests or tournaments - ice fishermen are a highly social group, eager to share tips, techniques and stories.

For your first trip, pick a day that isn’t too windy with low visibility. Mild February and March days often provide some of the most fruitful ice fishing of the season. Whatever the day you decide to go ice fishing, be sure to check the ice for a safe thickness.


How to get an ice fishing license (and why you should)

How to cut the ice

What to fish for

What to wear while fishing


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