Biking the Adirondack Coast

Follow our trails through charming villages, along the Lake Champlain shoreline, or up and down the hills and mountains of the Adirondacks. No matter what cycling adventure you’re taking next, the Adirondack Coast can help you with every aspect.

Self-Guided Cycling Tours

Cycling in the Adirondacks isn’t just one thing. It can be a huge journey or a little trip around a loop. But however you want to cycle, here on the Adirondack Coast we have created the perfect self guided tours. These guided tours help you see the beautiful views, historic past, extensive agriculture, and cool shops along the Adirondack Coast. Easy, difficult, short or long - we have the cycling route perfect for you.

New to Cycling?

If you’re new to cycling, the Adirondack Coast is a great place to get started. Check out our quick guide with all you need to know before heading out for the first time!

Preparing for a Cycling Trip

Being prepared for a cycling trip, even a short or easy one, is important. We want you to be prepared, so follow our guidelines and check out New York State biking laws before heading out on the road. You don’t want to be stuck on one of our beautiful back-country roads having forgotten something crucial.

Renting or Buying Bicycles

Before hitting the road, you need to get a bike and other necessary cycling equipment. Whether you want to rent one for a day trip or you’re looking to buy one and cycle throughout the year, the Adirondack Coast knows has plenty of choice to rent or buy the right bicycle.


Throughout the distinct seasons along the Adirondack Coast there are different things a cycler needs to be aware of. Spring, summer, and fall each offer unique sights and unique dangers that all cyclists need to know. Check out our cycler’s guide to the seasons along the Adirondack Coast.

Mountain Biking

From the technical to the tame, the Adirondack Coast offers a wide range of mountain biking.

No entry fee. No registration. Just you and your bike traveling the region’s wide-shouldered roads through some of the Adirondack Coast’s most stunning lake and mountain scenery.



From places to stay, eat and play we can help you take advantage of all the attractions and activities the Adirondack Coast offers.


Get a digital copy of the brochures about the area. Or, we can send you a printed version. This guide provides all the ins & outs of the area.

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