Ausable Point: A Winter Adventure

Are you ready to bundle up for a winter adventure on the Adirondack Coast?  Recently, I ventured out into the snow at Ausable Point State Park, a hopping campground/beach area on Lake Champlain during the summer and a peaceful white retreat during the winter

Since it is not operational during the winter, the campground is free to use, not crowded and provides great opportunities for snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, wildlife watching and sightseeing.

With well packed roads and a lot of fluffy snow, it is easy to get lost amongst the trees and even easier to enjoy wandering along the marsh and the coast of Lake Champlain. 

Keep an eye out for wildlife:  Ausable Point is known to have a few Bald Eagle visitors and you are definitely bound to see some lively squirrels, Osprey bird nests and cardinals.  This place is a birdwatcher’s dream!

Be Camera Ready:  Ausable point is a beautiful backdrop for photos.  The snow on the Evergreen trees, the frozen lake and dusted marsh look even more magical in the winter than they do in the spring or summer months, so have your camera available for some prime scenic moments.

A few warnings: if you plan on being out for a while, be sure to wear lots of layers!  Multiple streams and little brooks flow sluggishly underfoot and a layer of snow makes it hard to see where the weak ice lies, so watch your step. Edges of the lake are not always safe to walk on, so take caution when venturing off the beaten paths. Getting soaked is definitely not the best way to end a hike.

Thank you so much for venturing with me!  Stay tuned for more Adirondack Coast adventures.