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With Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains rising over the horizon, the Adirondack Coast is the perfect backdrop for sipping our local microbrews. Whether you’ve tried every microbrewery on the Adirondack Coast or you’ve never been to a microbrewery in your life, the Adirondack Coast will introduce you to a variety of brews and unmatched scenic views.

And while it’s hard not to see the area’s history wherever you go on the Adirondack Coast, one sip of an original Adirondack Coast microbrew will have you tasting more than just a local beer. Here, you’re drinking in the best of the region’s heritage and agriculture.

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Here, you’re drinking in the best of our region’s heritage and agriculture. Refreshing and nostalgic, microbrews on the Adirondack Coast are sure to awaken your senses -- and your adventurous spirit, too.


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