What You Need to Know About Plattsburgh Brewfest 2016

Plattsburgh Brewfest

Delights visitors and locals for a second year on the Adirondack Coast.

Beer…a source of argument between my husband and I when he won’t put down his phone because he’s too busy researching the latest in beer making and craft brews.

Beer…a great reason for me to make fun of my brother when he takes yet another photo of a glass of beer to post on Untappd.  I swear he thinks the other million people on that app really would care if he dropped the ball on one beer.

Beer…one of my boss’s favorite ways to hydrate (I should say responsibly hydrate), so I know exactly what to get her for Christmas or what to buy her when I really want to suck up.

Beer…It is not my favorite alcoholic beverage of choice, but when you throw 30+ craft brewers from NY and even some from VT together by Lake Champlain on a sunny August day and 1300 people come out to enjoy some of your hometown’s best brews and hard ciders, you start to feel the love for this ever so trendy industry.

Going into its 2nd year, the Plattsburgh Brewfest has already hit a few milestones:

  • All VIP tickets sold out within a day of being posted…better luck next year!
  • Big name brewers are coming on board for the event, BUT you’ll have to buy a ticket to find out who!
  • The homebrewers contest is changing it up this year and will allow for some great creativity and competition.  There’s also a pretty insane 1st place prize you homebrew fanatics won’t want to miss out on - trust me!

So here are the details on ticket buying and everything else you’ll need to know, since I am assuming you want to be there:

  • Visit plattsburghbrewfest.com to get your tickets today 
  • Only general admission are left at a very reasonable and very specific $42.12 (covers taxes and additional fees for a no surprise based checkout)
  • DD tickets are also available at $10.80…even if you’re not sampling, it’s a worthwhile event!
  • General Admission and DD tickets include a Plattsburgh Brewfest glass to sample with and 2 food tickets to make sure your stomach is soaking up that alcohol or just full and happy!
  • Lots of FREE water will be available for all, so hydrate well because the Brewfest wants to stay a classy event, which really means…don’t be a fool and drink more than you can handle…no one wants to witness that and I’m pretty sure you don’t want to see that on your Facebook feed the next morning!

Oh and if you’re coming in from out of town and need a place to stay, the Brewfest will be partnering up with some local hotel chains so keep an eye on their website for deals.  There are also plenty of other lodging opportunities on the Adirondack Coast, so take a peek at goadirondack.com/lodging for information on hotels, campgrounds, B&B’s and more.

See you on August 6th!